Monday, November 23, 2009

Southern Soiree- Savannah, GA

Weepy, drippy trees were all over beautiful Savannah, definitely one of the prettiest and most charming cities I have been to with great weather, beautiful homes and lots of green, outdoor space amongst the buildings. We spent Thursday and Friday here...back on the east coast for the first time in weeks!
The historic district where we stayed was right out of a storybook and had a million squares you walked through to get to the next block.
The architecture was very similar to New Orleans.
Rows and rows of beautiful homes; these streets reminded me of Main Street back home.
Ferns grew right out of brick walls.
There were many, many churches in Savannah. This one was St. John the Baptist Church which was looming and lovely.
This pirate shipped was docked and open for exploration.
Grabbing a late lunch on the rooftop deck of the Bohemian.
Indoor/outdoor restaurant at the Bohemian which had a great mix of industrial and natural materials creating a contemporary setting in a historic city.

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