Saturday, November 7, 2009

Leaving Carmel, off to Santa Barbara

This was my cute little cottage in Carmel on Wednesday night, perfect location.
Pretty, pretty pretty beaches, I had a great run down to here.
I have absolutely no pictures from my stay in Santa Barbara on Thursday. None. Too busy being out and about in the perfect weather. This is of my cool room at this great place right across from the beach and a very short walk to State Street, the main drag where all of the shops and restaurants are. The area was beautiful, with hills and palm trees as the backdrop.
I stayed in Santa Barbara for the better part of the day on Friday soaking up the sun before heading on the 405 down to Long Beach where my cousin lives. A 2+ hour trip quickly turned into 4 with the traffic through LA, ugh. It was right about here that the pretty Santa Barbara blue skies quickly changed over to haze and fog from the LA pollution, yuck.

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