Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

Thanksgiving was great and the fun continued when the ads arrived for Black Friday...
Cousins and mini-cousins looking for the door-buster sales.
The girls interpretation of what 'Black Friday' is...looks pleasant and civil and pretty to me.
We had to be on a mission! Alyssa's Christmas list included: "A goldfish. An IPhone (a real one). My own (fridge) for my room. A puppy!"
And Christa's list is: "Bendaroos. IPod. Pixos. Wii American Idol. Two wheeler scooter. Skirt with no shorts. More clothes. Wii remote. Snuggie for kids".
Map of the shopping centers; we had to have a plan!
Toys R Us opened at midnight, Target was 5am, Five Below and Michaels was 6am...
Oh yes, we left the house at this time Friday morning. Up at 3:45am and out the door, Old Navy opened up at 3am (!) so we were already tardy and had lots and lots of places to be.
Line at Target, about 5:20am.
The car filled up really, really fast.
Home around 11am, victory! Oh, and I can't help but mention that not only did we finish all of the shopping, we also wrapped it all and shipped it where it needed to go. Crazy, maybe. But I'm using the excuse that I cannot spend the last week of my road trip with a car filled to the brim with holiday cheer, it obstructs vision.

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