Monday, November 23, 2009

Southern Soiree- Charleston, SC

Saturday, Sunday and today, Monday (I have no concept of day or time...) was/is spent in Charleston, SC, a very similar city to New Orleans or Savannah. All historic, all have gas lanterns, all have horse and carriages, all were established right around the same time. Sunday was yucky weather wise, really only my second day of rain this whole trip, so we went to the aquarium.
I l.o.v.e. otters. Tried to take pictures of the real ones but they were so slinky and speedy, it just looked like a big blur. These guys stayed still.
Sunday night we met up with Alena before heading to dinner at Blossom.
I've seen a lot of bathrooms as I've made my way around the US; this sink was really interesting. There is a glass pane that the water falls onto, no basin. There is a space in between the glass and the tile back splash; the water runs down and off the back of the glass into a metallic trough...ok, maybe not that exciting but its neat in person!

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