Thursday, November 12, 2009

Aztec Ruins National Monument, 72 oz. steaks and a whole lot of driving

On Wednesday morning I left Cortez, CO and headed down to the Aztec Ruins National Monument in New Mexico. I have strong Native American history on both sides of the family so I found this stop particularly interesting.
Thank you Grandpa and Dad
Good to know...
Bird's eye view model of the ruins and a key below to go with it.
The kiva, the main spot for social gatherings and worship.
Stone and surface to grind corn.
The remainder of the day was spent driving through New Mexico to Texas via Highway 40. Spent the night in Amarillo which is a neon feast for the eyes and its true that everything is bigger in Texas. They have things like this, the Big Texan Steak Ranch: Make sure your volume is down, there is a snazzy video with jazzy tunes. Gross gross gross gross gross, this is the 72 oz. Free Steak Challenge which has to be consumed in an hour along with the baked potato, salad and whatever those thingies are on the side. As they say many have tried, many have failed. The joint even has a horse hotel where you can park your horse for the night, and they have the choice of either sand or dirt flooring. I opted for the Best Western but this place in general looks like more fun with its pool shaped like the state of Texas.

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  1. I had a lot of fun at the Big Texan Steak Ranch: