Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Nantucket Winter Wonderland

Snow is pretty rare on Nantucket; the blizzard from last week brought us just enough to make it a Winter Wonderland minus the hassle.
Tupancy Links in a white-out.
Our office.
No line at the Juice Bar, for once.
The library.
Looking down Main Street.
Looking up Federal Street towards Main.

Christmas (continued) in Jackson Hole

Super excited to be flying back into Jackson Hole a mere two months later...
Skiing at Targeet Mountain, WY
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.
The backyard with walking paths and an ice rink, the Snake River too.
Million Dollar Cowboy Bar
Skiing at Jackson Hole Mountain with Chris's niece Dylan who's a much better skier than I am.
Wild sheep out by the Elk Refuge
The symbol of Jackson.
Decked out antler arches.
One corner of the square.
Full moon tonight, 12/30/09.
Nantucket and Jackson Hole have the same lure.

Christmas in NYC

For the past couple of years my cousin and I have taken her children into NYC on Christmas Eve; our usual stops are Bryant Park, Rockefeller Center, FAO and the 5th Avenue windows. This year it was super cold and one of the twins had a broken arm but everyone was a trooper and I can't wait to do it all again in 2010. Our first stop was the mini train display in Grand Central Station.
Lisa and Christa in Bryant Park
Lisa, Alyssa and Christa in front of the gynormous lights.
Sugar Plum fairies.
Christa, Alyssa and Matthew.
Radio City Music Hall
Fabulous windows at Tiffany's
Louis Vuitton
Crowds at FAO.
BIG Piano

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Back to ACK

September 23rd, 2009
December 6th, 2009
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Thank you for sharing your hearts and homes with me!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Karl Ehmer and Spaetzle

On Monday I left PA and headed to White Plains, NY, to have a visit with Aunt Nancy (yummy dinner at City Limits!). On Tuesday I went to Grandma's house and she treated me to my favorite German meal of Karl Ehmer Weisswurst and spaetzle (who's jealous?).
You take the flour and egg mixture and pour it into the spaetzle maker over a pot of boiling water. The dough drips into the water below and makes tiny dumplings, like rain drops.
Sprinkle in cheese...
Add browning onions...
Mix everything together and enjoy.
Meanwhile, have the Weisswurst going. They are from a butcher in NY that is so good, I grew up on these and they are my absolute favorite, our family enjoys them for special occasions and holidays.
What they should look like when they are done.

Monday, November 30, 2009

.22's and pigs

On Sunday morning Ed took me along to the shooting range; I've not picked up a gun since was last with him, about 22 years ago. Ed is a true gunsman; he very much respects the art form and should be straight out of the old west (he just got back from hunting buffalo with his grandson). He was an excellent teacher and helped me earn my 5 Pig pin, given by the NRA for hitting the same pig target the same distance five times in a row. I sport it proudly.
My view from my station; the gun rests on these sand bags. The targets were a mini pig about 50 yards away, a bigger pig about 100 yards away, a gong about 125 yards away and finally a paper target about 150 yards away. Here's the big metal pig with the paper targets in the distance. With Little Pig and a .22 rifle. With my excellent teacher Ed and Big Pig (very heavy).
With the Sunday morning crew who were all excellent teachers and did not make me feel like a 'girl'. Al, Ed and his son-in-law John. I am holding a paper target that I shot on my first try using a rifle used to shoot buffalo; very big, loud and had a kick-back. There were two triggers; the first one you click and the second front one you just barely touch. Seriously, I just lightly touched it and it went off. Good thing I have great aim, my shot hit just above John's on the black diamond.
A .22 for Little Pig, the next for Big Pig, Gong and Far-Away paper target.
Marge and Ed were such great, generous, interesting and informative hosts who made me so welcome and loved. They both shared many stories about my childhood and my mom. Ed made me this box filled with goodies; I cant wait to come back.