Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Karl Ehmer and Spaetzle

On Monday I left PA and headed to White Plains, NY, to have a visit with Aunt Nancy (yummy dinner at City Limits!). On Tuesday I went to Grandma's house and she treated me to my favorite German meal of Karl Ehmer Weisswurst and spaetzle (who's jealous?).
You take the flour and egg mixture and pour it into the spaetzle maker over a pot of boiling water. The dough drips into the water below and makes tiny dumplings, like rain drops.
Sprinkle in cheese...
Add browning onions...
Mix everything together and enjoy.
Meanwhile, have the Weisswurst going. They are from a butcher in NY that is so good, I grew up on these and they are my absolute favorite, our family enjoys them for special occasions and holidays.
What they should look like when they are done.

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  1. yum, so cute! your blog couldn't be any more fun! o and i learned to make spaetzle this year, and have had fun experimenting with toppings, etc.

    miss and love you!