Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cadillac Ranch

This tea tag started off my Thursday morning, and I'm definitely taking it to heart. I am grateful, and happy, to be on this journey.
On the way to Oklahoma City, I stopped at the iconic Cadillac Ranch which consists of ten Cadillac cars turned upside down and half buried in a pasture, quite a sight from Highway 40. The directions on how to get here were as follows: In a cow pasture along eastbound I-40 between exits 60 and 62. Exit onto the frontage road, then enter the pasture through an unlocked gate. ????????????????????????? Well, you do just that. Along Highway 40 there is a frontage road (see above) that runs parallel to the highway so you can indeed access the pastures and other spots that line the road. It then flows back into the main highway (kind of like a small stream flowing into a big river?).
Paint only on the pasture side...
Even the barbed wire was colorful.
Gate to the pasture, just like the directions said.
Walk up a dirt path with pasture on either side to the cars.
Visitors painted their own thoughts and expressions on the cars.
Highway 40 is the old Route 66.
There were scattered spray paint cans all over the place, most of which still have paint in them so you could leave your own mark. If it wasn't so windy I would have too...
Perfect, as I was heading to Amy's house in Oklahoma City later that afternoon...

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