Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Yellowstone National Park

Finally! Yellowstone was vast and amazing; rainy, sunny, snowy, steamy. You definitely need several days to see the park; a lot of it you have to drive through unlike Teton which was a lot of hiking.
Good to know...
The first stop was Old Faithful; we showed up 8 or so minutes before it went off (about every hour or so)...which was a good thing because it was freezing there.
Patiently waiting (and freezing).
This no-name spot was actually more interesting; there were hot spots all over the place (those are not low-lying clouds).
The steam was toasty...
There was a boardwalk that was over this 'mud' runoff, very beautiful marble-like effect.
Stinky, stinky, stinky. We went to a sulfuric cauldron which was cool but resembled rotten eggs or water thats been sitting in pipes for too long.
The mud volcano also stunk; very active and steamy.
Keeping warm at Dragon's Mouth.
The Upper and Lower Falls were totally worth the drive.
This was my favorite spot; hard to capture the depth and height of Artist Point but this is a must see, a lot more of an impact than the typical touristy attractions.
Yikesahootie, this was literature they gave to us as we first entered the park.
Obviously, did not heed the warning...I was very uncomfortable that during this photo shoot he would charge.
Much more comfortable with the herd far away...
This coyote was so sweet (?) and was just hanging out in one of the scenic parking areas.
Lots of elk.
We saw a panda too (crazy smear on the windshield, can you see it?).

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