Saturday, October 31, 2009

Redwood National Forest

Paul and Babe started off my day as I headed to the Redwood National Forest.
Whats great about this park is that there is free admission to most areas and 101 leads you right there, very accessible and a must-do if you are in northern California.
Big trees, big ferns. Everything is big around here.
And tall.
And this one is not even the biggest one...
Someone left a sap hand print.
This one was called 'Big Tree' clever.
Fern Canyon was one of the places you had to pay a very small admission for, and it is totally worth the rocky, bumpy, muddy drive.
What they should have said was "You are going to have to take flying leaps over streams to see ferns growing out of rocks. Hope you packed extra socks. And a bathing suit".
The last time I ever saw my sneakers dry. Currently they are baking on the hotel room heater. Note to self at the end of the trip, buy new sneakers.
This may take you by surprise, but come to find out I am quite good at scampering over wet logs and leaping over rocks covered with just enough water that you can only put your foot down for a moment without water rushing in.
The canyon walls were about 50 feet high and were covered in Five Fingered Ferns.
Not only did I have to traverse over streams, it was also raining, nothing a little Patagonia can't solve...
Fern Canyon was right along the coast; the Pacific sounded so much louder than our Atlantic or maybe its because I've taken it for granted and never taken the time to notice. Definitely going to spend more time at the beach year-round when I get home...
Their sand is really dark, almost black, like in Maui. Very soft, not granular.
Just like at home, have to protect those Plovers...
No, I did not actually, so I was really glad this creature flagged me down.
Stations are few and far between; this one was super old school and only had one retro pump with the numbers that spin around.
The Avenue of the Giants is a scenic route that runs parallel to 101. Your neck will hurt from looking up the whole time.
While my three hikes and pretty drives were great, I really, really wanted to drive through a tree. Totally cheesy, a tourist trap, but something that must be done if you were here. This joint had two ladies and a cat out front (on the railing) who were as nice as can be. For $6 you too can smash your new car through a tree.
Right before I went though I got out and ran around the other side to take this picture. There was no way of getting out once the car was in the tree. It was a tttiiiggghhhttt squeeze. You literally had to creep your way through and pray that you did not get stuck. There could have not been more than half an inch on either side once fully in.
Phew, out the other end with no scratches.
The drive-your-car-through-a-tree place also had these tree houses that were so darling. The taller of the two had an internal stairwell that led to the second floor which I of course scampered up. Heart shaped windows, carved furnishings inside, totally adorable. I want one.

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