Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lessons From The Road

La Quinta looked like the least sketchy hotel after eight hours of driving yesterday and I am a fan; really nice sheets, free wireless internet in the rooms, great breakfast in the am (and I hate buffets but this one actually looked just like this photo I swiped from the web), all for $65 which included city and state tax! Stay four nights, get the fifth night free... I just signed up for my membership card.
As I sit in this roadside hotel, I have time to reflect on the following:
  • Always have lots of quarters when traveling for meters, tolls and laundry.
  • Set your GPS to AVOID boarders...Canada was not on my list but somehow I found myself at boarder crossing which added an hour onto my travels and the guy in the booth did not find it humorous that was just passing through...and GPS automatically changed to kilometers and spoke in French, not good.
  • Have lots of washer fluid, the bugs on the windshield are bad.
  • Pay attention to the blue signs on the side of the road indicating where gas and lodging is.
  • Never let the gas tank go below half full.
  • Always have cash on you, but not too much. A lot of these places in the middle of nowhere won't take your debit card and ATM's are few and far between.
  • Flip flops have come in more handy than you could ever imagine.
  • So has hand sanitizer.
  • Put your eyes on where you will lay your head that night before it gets dark.
  • It is possible to eat healthy on the road, thank you Trader Joes, etc.
  • Make sure you check and double check that you have packed your cell, computer and camera charger...or have a really good friend who will overnight it to your next destination, thanks Anne!
Being on the road requires being brave and smart. Last night was the first time I was really alone; I've been so lucky to have stayed with friends and family the past two weeks. I've never had to be in a bar or restaurant by myself but sitting at a diner counter solo was actually really peaceful and gave me time to reflect on where I've been and where I'm going. Today, off to Chicago!

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  1. Laura - I have been keeping up with reading your blog almost daily. I am loving hearing about your adventures! I am picturing you sitting in a diner all by your lonesome and the picture is quite peaceful! Hope you are having a great time and that your drive to Chicago is going well.
    Jocelyn (and Brian and baby!)