Sunday, October 4, 2009


I xo NYC and my first stop is always Grand Central Station, which has one of the prettiest interiors and is a great spot for people watching. There was a Maserati Convention going on which made the place feel ultra glamorous.
Riann and I traipsed over to Brooklyn to visit our high school girlfriend Holly and her adorable mini-pup Biggie. Even if you don't like small dogs, this one will change your mind immediately.
The Atlantic Antic just happened to be going on, a huge street fair. The weather was amazing, a perfect day to be strolling around Brooklyn with your gals.
Lots of bands.
Lots (and lots) of people.
In the midst of the gynormous crowd Holly scored this table for lunch.
Giant sardines, eww. Stinky too.
Fried Oreos?? And no we did not have any.
After all of that strolling we opted for 10 minute massages which I actually needed after sitting in the car the past week or so. 1,000 miles down, 10,000 more to go.
Ri needed one too.
There was an angry mob and long line in front of this stand.
The smoke and steam was pretty intense on a hot day but it was worth the wait.
Majorly multitasking...
Vendors began to run out of a lot of things and they had to close up shop at 6pm sharp.
Afterwards I jetted over to the Financial District to meet up with Amanda who took me to Tribeca. We went past the 9/11 site and looked at renderings for the new memorial project.
We had Prosecco with St. Germaine and yummy apps at Locanda Verde which is Robert De Niro's restaurant; great food, ambiance and of course company with a great friend; check out her site, Carina's Closet.

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