Saturday, October 17, 2009

Jackson Hole, WY

We departed Boston after a great night with Jenn, Turner and Michael and jetted off to Denver, just in the nick of time too, there was a nasty nor'easter that hit ACK and getting off would have been a nightmare.
Love Denver airport and their free wireless (Logan, not so much).
Bye Denver.
Views from the plane coming into Jackson Hole.
The Grand Tetons are indeed grand and looming, impossible to capture their presence from just one shot but we'll be hiking there this week and hope to get more.
The plane lands right at their base and you walk right off, just like you do in ACK.
Where we'll be over the next couple days, right on the Snake River. Its hard to even describe the beauty of the area and the spectacular home. One can just tell the moment they get off the plane that this is a very special place, much like that feeling people have about ACK, everyone should have a spot they feel passionately about. Amazing air, amazing clarity in the sky, amazing friendly people, amazing contentment.
These pictures of the interior don't even begin to do it justice but you'll get the gist. The walls are large logs that are glossy and honey colored, accented by windows looking out toward the river.
While I am fond of nautical decor, I am now totally smitten with this style; distressed leathers, antler chandeliers, rawhide furnishings, native prints and fabrics. Its in no way overkill, totally charming and perfect.
We only spent a few hours in the town of Jackson yesterday but its awesome and I can't wait to get back, I fear that I will leave here a cowgirl which would not be a bad thing. The center square has four antler arches and this particular area was across from the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar which I am sure we'll hit at some point.
A long day of traveling and the first day of vacation constitutes a brewery visit at happy hour on a Friday with the locals, tons of fun at Snake River Brewing Company.
Yup, I got my glass of pinot there, and it was good (allergic to hops so no beer for moi).
The brewery was really fun and interesting, high ceilings with lots of pipes running over your head, stainless accents, really nice people and a great way to start our first afternoon.
Relaxed and so happy to be here.
Even the grocery stores are cute here; they have these markers so you remember what row you parked in which seems unnecessary because their lot is smaller than our A&P. We opted for 'moose' but you could have had 'bear' or 'bison' too.


  1. Hi Laura,
    I was wondering how you managed to get from Chicago to Wyoming so quickly - especially with a detour back to ACK!
    I hope your car arrived and in one piece.
    It's great following your journey. It makes me feel like I'm along for the ride.
    See you in Virginia next month.
    Auntie K

  2. dear laura i iove you. are you having fun?
    love christa

  3. dear laura are you having fun?
    i hope you are having fun
    on your trip
    love alyssa